Czasownik - ćwiczenia

Exercise 1

Wybierz właściwą odpowiedź:


1.      I … to come on Friday.

a.     Promise

b.     Fancy

c.     Feel like


2.      I … trusted you. You cheated on me.

a.     Should have

b.     Shouldn’t have

c.     Should haven’t


3.      Oh, no! I forgot … the lights.

a.     To turn off

b.     To turning off

c.     turning off


4.      she … two cats

a.     have

b.     has

c.     haves


5.      Why do you always avoid … up?

a.     Washing

b.     Wash

c.     To wash


6.      (in the classroom) … I go out? I  feel sick

a.     Should

b.     May

c.     must


7.      Gosh! This tea … like dish-wash.

a.     Is tasting

b.     Taste

c.     Tastes


8.      She … study abroad but in the end she decided to stay at homeland.

a.     Was

b.     Was to

c.     Is to


9.      Recently I have …

a.     Have my kitchen redecorated

b.     Had my kitchen redecorate

c.     Had my kitchen redecorated


10.  I really recommend you … this play.

a.     To watch

b.     Watching

c.     watch


Exercise 2


Użyj czasownika z nawiasu we właściwej konstrukcji:

1.      Please, … come over (=wpaść). I know you tired but we’ll have great fun. (do)

2.      We decided … many months ago. (divorce)

3.      You … this book for his birthday last week. He doesn’t like this author. (buy)

4.      I did my homework, … to the radio at the same time. (listen)

5.      Mmm! This perfume … great. (smell)

6.      We encourage all children … their interests. (develop)

7.      … the washing first, I made dinner. (do)

8.      I can’t help … when he parodies our teachers. (laugh)

9.      Claus and Sam … mown (=kosić) the lawn but the mower is broken. (be)

10.  I don’t recommend … at that hotel. (stay)