Przymiotnik - ćwiczenia

Exercise 1

1.      She eats spaghetti only with cucumbers! … strange!

a.     What

b.     How

c.     So


2.      It’s … film I’ve ever seen!

a.     Worst

b.     The worst

c.     The worse


3.      Karen is … Lucy

a.     So not elegant as

b.     not as elegant as

c.     as elegant so


4.      She wore a … hat

a.     small, red, velvet

b.     red, velvet, small

c.     red, small,velvet


5.      … homeless should be given a chance for normal life.


b.     A

c.     The


6.      … stupid man!

a.     So

b.     Such 

c.     What a


7.      Yack! The coffee tastes …

a.     Badly

b.     Bad

c.     Worse


8.      I’m … runner in the class.

a.     The better

b.     Better

c.     The best


9.      … handsome man like you must have a girlfriend

a.     So

b.     Such

c.     Such a


10.  … rich get richer and … poor get poorer. This is how life is.

a.     -,-

b.     A,a

c.     The, the


Exercise 2


1.      Pretty

2.      Violent

3.      successful

4.      dangerous

5.      Hot

6.      Cheap

7.      Exciting

8.      tall

9.      Easy

10.  entertaining