Przyimek miejsca - ćwiczenia

Exercise 1

1.      The policeman went … to the driver and asked for the driving licence.

a.     up

b.     by

c.     through


2.      I saw your boyfriend … Union Street.

a.     Across

b.     through

c.     along


3.      The plane goes … to Paris. It doesn’t stop over anywhere.

a.     By

b.     Through

c.     over


4.      I always feel anxious … big crowds. That’s why I never go to concerts.

a.     Round

b.     over

c.     Among


5.      When I was walking … the street I met your Maths teacher. dow

a.     Down

b.     By

c.     At


6.      I’m … wearing natural fur coats. We can’t kill animals only to wear clothes made of their furs.

a.     over

b.     against

c.     beyond


7.      Children … 10 can be left alone at home for the first time.

a.     Above

b.     Over

c.     At


8.      Let’s meet … Henry’s in half an hour.

a.     In

b.     At

c.     out of


9.      She looked … the shelves for the keys she lost.

a.     Along

b.     Across

c.     Above


10.  I parked the car … the tree.

a.     in the front of

b.     within

c.     behind


11.  She was so tired that she had to lean … something.

a.     Against

b.     On

c.     within


12.  Julia leaned … his lover and whispered: ‘I love you’.

a.     in

b.     Towards

c.     From under


13.  Come and sit … me.

a.     In

b.     At

c.     By


14.  The mouse jumped … … the wardrobe.

a.     out of

b.      From under

c.     In the front of


Exercise 2

1.      She’s vegetarian and she’s totally … eating meat.

2.      The building build … the street were surprisingly similar.

3.      There’s a nice film … Sat TV tonight.

4.      Have you ever travelled … plane?

5.      The train arrives … Cracow at 10.30 a.m.

6.      I hate going … the theatre.

7.      Tom shared a bar of chocolate … his four sisters.

8.      Poland lies … Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

9.      I think the seminar will not drag (=przedłuży się) … the lunchtime.

10.  If you’re cold, go … the house.

11.  Caroline was … to tears when she missed the first prize.

12.  You can see the picture of the author … the next page.

13.  She arrived … the hotel with a delay.

14.  They have a huge swimming pool … the back of the house.

15.  It was very cheap. It costed … 50 $.