Przyimek czasu i inne - ćwiczenia

Exercise 1

1.      Don’t eat sweets … meals.

a.     On

b.     Between

c.     since


2.      The buses in Poland are never … time.

a.     during

b.     since

c.     On


3.      Don’t worry. He’ll visit you … .

a.     at last

b.     After

c.     except


4.      You have to hand in your compositions … 15th March.

a.     In

b.     By

c.     at


5.      I usually don’t study … midnight. I can’t concentrate any more.

a.     After

b.     Before

c.     in


6.      We should finish … the evening.

a.     On

b.     At

c.     Before


7.      Bye, Billy, see ya … the weekend.

a.     At

b.     On

c.     in


8.      Her ring cost … 10.000 $.

a.     At lat

b.     At least

c.     without


9.      I haven’t been there … 1999.

a.     Since

b.     for

c.     at


10.  Our service is available … Mon … Sat.

a.     To … from

b.     From … to

c.     Till … from


Exercise 2

1.      My sister always feel slightly shy … the beginning of the party.

2.      … the autumn I’m going bach home.

3.      You shouldn’t travel … night.

4.      Tina didn’t wait … the end of film and went sleep.

5.      I ate dinner … 5 p.m.

6.      My mum always wear a ring with a tiny diamond … her little finger.

7.      I lived in Britain … about 3 monthes.

8.      She couldn’t decide which dress to buy. … the end she bought none.

9.       I heard some strange voices … night.

10.  … the beginning she thought he was charming but she changed her opinion.