Zdania - testy

1.      ... a very nice hotel in the village, so we decided to stay there for a night.

a)      there was

b)      it was

c)      was there


2.      I think … is better not to tell him about her wedding. … is still too painful.

a)      it, there

b)      there, it

c)      it, it


3.      … is not very wise to drive very fast. … can always be a police patrol round the corner.

a)      there, it

b)      it, there

c)      it, it


4.      … is so much crime in the streets nowadays that … is very unsafe to go out at night.

a)      it, it

b)      it, there

c)      there, it


5.      You really should give … to … because this purse is mine.

a)      it, I

b)      it, me

c)      its, to


6.      Peter gave … … for her birthday.

a)      his girlfriend a wonderful present

b)      a wonderful present his girlfriend

c)      to his girlfriend a wonderful present


7.      Could you tell me, what …. . I cannot make up my mind.

a)      decision should I take

b)      decision I should take

c)      decision should take I


8.      I really don’t remember … home at midnight yesterday.

a)      if she came

b)      if did she come

c)      what time she came


9.      Who … this horrible dish. I won’t eat it!!!

a)      did order

b)      ordered

c)      order


10.  Why … at home. It’s high time you went home.

a)      aren’t you

b)      are you

c)      you aren’t


11.  When she was a child, she was a very good actress, … she hasn’t continued that path, …now she is a doctor.

a)      and, and

b)      yet, and

c)      so, and


12.  My parents don’t often go to restaurants for dinner, …

a)      nor my in-laws do

b)      nor do my in-laws

c)      nor are my in-laws


13.  You really should go to bed now; I mean in! … up late

a)      stay

b)      don’t stay

c)      not stay


14.  Collecting the plates is my job. … do it!

a)      Let I

b)      I

c)      Let me


15.  The man came here … repair the broken TV set.

a)      so

b)      in order

c)      that


16.  My brother won’t go to university … he passes his Matura exam.

a)      if

b)      if not

c)      unless


17.  I am the wisest girl in the classroom, …

a)      am not I

b)      am I

c)      aren’t I


18.  Don’t touch my laptop, …

a)      won’t you

b)      do you

c)      will you


19.  Not only …, but also drank the whole juice.

a)      did Jim eat

b)      Jim ate

c)      ate Jim


20.  … your homework well, I will take you to the shopping center as a reward.

a)      you should do

b)      should you do

c)      will you do

Zdania - testy