Test sprawdzający 2 - zdania

  1. I’m wondering if …to university because he wanted to prove something to his parents. (Peter, go)
  2. Hardly … the house and Julia came in to see him. (Jim, leave)
  3. I’m not really sure where … but they have been together since then. (they, meet)
  4. The people met … to protest against the new ecological law.
  5. Today is Peter’s turn to cut the grass. … him take care of the lawn.
  6. This slope is so steep. … climb it or you may fall.
  7. The shop assistant was so polite. … very nice of her to order a bigger size of this jacket.
  8. How did you manage to get home last night, … such a heavy storm. 
  9. Do you really need a visa to go to the USA? I think … unnecessary.
  10. How many guests … at your wedding reception. It was quite big, wasn’t it?
  11. … very many stories about the Loch Ness monster, … no one has ever see it.
  12. How … in London. Did he suffer from culture shock? (Tom, stay) 
  13. … to the fact that there were riots in the streets, we couldn’t leave our school until very early morning.
  14. My sister was very keen on sport when she was at primary school, … now she has nothing to do with any physical activity.
  15. Jason’s girlfriend never really liked his cat … made Jason feel sorry for the poor animal.
  16. My brother decided to have a gap year … his girlfriend … they went to Australia for the whole year.
  17. I can see that you have been working for the whole evening. You’ve finally finished the report, …?
  18. Tom wants to be very fit and that’s why he plays tennis every day, …?
  19.  What did you … for her birthday. Did you… anything special? (buy, your Mum; buy, she)
  20. This dress is … strange that, I’m sure, it must have been designed by one of these eccentric fashion designers.
Zdania - testy