Zdania podrzędnie złożone - ćwiczenia

Exercise 1: Choose the correct answer a-c.

1.      He closed the door of his room … his mum wouldn’t enter
a)      so that
b)      in order to
c)      due to


2.      I was angry … my boyfriend did not come on time yesterday.
a)      despite
b)      because
c)      so


3.      She always wants me to take her dog for a walk … there was no one else to do that.
a)      as though
b)      in spite of
c)      so that


4.      … I had no money, I couldn’t buy anything to eat.
a)      Since
b)      So
c)      For


5.      You have to go to a supermarket … buy some food.
a)      to
b)      because
c)      as to


6.      Our favourite shop will be closed … very little profit it is making.
a)      because
b)      in order that
c)      due to


7.      … everything seemed to be perfect, the bride wasn’t satisfied.
a)      Because
b)      Since
c)      Although


8.      I did not tell her about John’s betrayal … she would be sad.
a)      lest
b)      however
c)      so


9.      We will play football in the park … it rains.
a)      if
b)      lest
c)      unless


10.  …you go, I will find you.
a)      When
b)       In spite of
c)      Wherever


Exercise 2: Complete the sentences with an appropriate conjunction.

1.      I was late for my train … very heavy traffic.

2.      My brother did not pass his matura exam … he studied a lot.

3.      … of being very angry, he was able not to shout at his son.

4.      My bestfriend used to treat her boyfriend … he was her own property.

5.      I’m wondering if you could be so kind … help me with this difficult task.

6.      He continued the race … his twisted ankle.

7.      What happened after the wedding was … strange that we couldn’t believe our eyes.

8.      He did not tell you the truth … he was too afraid to confess what he had done.

9.      The thing is … I cannot agree to what you say.

10.  You should not say anything … someone asks you to.


Exercise 3: Combine the following sentences with an appropriate conjunction.

1.      We had to change the train. Our train has broken down.

2.      The weather was great. The children went to play outside.

3.      The weather wasn’t good. The children went to play outside.

4.      The girl I met last night was pretty. I couldn’t resist and asked her out.

5.      I was washing the dishes. My father came in and scared me to death.

6.      The plumber should come as soon as possible. He should repair the sink.

Zdania podrzędnie złożone