Rzeczownik - ćwiczenia

Exercise 1

Wybierz poprawną odpowiedź a,b lub c:

1.      Have you got … shampoo?

a.     Some

b.     Any

c.     A lot of


2.      There are … books on the table.

a.     Much

b.     Any

c.     A lot of


3.      Is there … milk in the fridge?

a.     some

b.     a

c.     any


4.      Whose bag is that? It’s …

a.     children

b.     children’s

c.     children’


5.      We need a lot … vegetables.


b.     for

c.     of


6.      we don’t … bread.

a.     Many

b.     Much

c.     Some


7.      Suddenly all the … started to cry.

a.     Babies

b.     Babys

c.     Babyies


8.      She bought … pens, notebooks and … file.

a.     A, a few

b.     Much, a few

c.     A few, a


9.      Give me … rice.

a.     a

b.     some

c.     the


10.  when I was on holiday, I visited … old castles.

a.     Some

b.     Any

c.     Much


Exercise 2

Uzupełnij luki


1.      Have you got … pets.

2.      Would you like … sugar?

3.      Charles… shop does very well.

4.      She always bakes … cake on Saturday.

5.      Do you know … foreign languages?

6.      You should drink … of milk every day.

7.      On your way home buy … bread

8.      Put this … of coke in the fridge.

9.      We need just a … of sugar and only a … eggs.

10.  We don’t have … rolls. Just two.


Exercise 3

Dopisz dopełniacz saksoński, gdzie potrzeba:

I decided to register to Women Institute. I was very excited because there were going to be lots of seminars, like famous writers biographies or wild animals life. However, when I saw the lecture room in the Browns old house: dark and tiny. I thought it would be better to stay at home and read Jane Austin novels or listen Madonna new Cd.


Exercise 4

Utwórz liczbę mnogą, postaw znak – tam, gdzie to nie możliwe: