Konstrukcje z czasownikiem suggest - odpowiedzi

1.      Tom (should) pay more attention to what teachers say.

2.      Mother suggests having dinner in the garden.

3.      (that) we (should) study really hard before the Matura Exam.

4.      (that)I (should) take more exercise and smoke less.

5.      that we should go to the zoo

6.      Mary finish her M.A. thesis this month.

7.      (that) we shouldn’t go away from the TV screens because the best is about to start.

8.      forgetting about the fear.

9.      we should not/do not panic because they have everything under control.

10.  (that) we shouldn’t cheat or we will be expelled.

11.  starting the dinner

12.  (that) we (should) organize a surprise party for Tom

13.  that we shouldn’t eat junk food because it’s unhealthy/isn’t healthy

14.  Tom stop smoking.

15.  that I shouldn’t skip any more classes.  

Konstrukcje z czasownikiem suggest