Konstrukcje z czasownikiem suggest - ćwiczenia

Exercise 1: Transform the following sentences, use the words from the brackets. DO NOT USE PASSIVE VOICE.

1.      Lisa: “I think Tom should pay more attention to what teachers say”

Lisa suggests… (pay)

2.      Mother: “We can have dinner in the garden today.

Mother suggests… (having)

3.      A teacher: “If I were you, I would study really hard before the Matura exam.”

A teacher suggests… (we)

4.      A doctor: “You have to take more exercise and smoke less”

A doctor suggests … (I)

5. Peter: “For today’s afternoon I have planned a trip to the zoo.”

Peter suggests … (that)

6.      Mr. Brown to Mary: “It would be better if you finished writing your M.A. thesis this month”

Mr. Brown suggests… (finish, do no use should)

7.      The commentator: “You really should not go away from the TV screens , the best is about to start.

The commentator suggests … (we)

8.      The president: “ People of the USA forget about the fear”

The president suggests … (forgetting)

9.      The policeman: “Do not panic, we have everything under control”

The policeman suggests… (not)

10.  A teacher: “Do not cheat or you will be expelled”

A teacher suggests … (should)

11.  The hostess of the house: “It’s time to start dinner”

The hostess of the house suggests … (starting)

12.  Jim: “Let’s organize Tom a surprise birthday party.”

Jim suggests … (we)

13.  A doctor: “Eating junk food is not very healthy.”

A doctor suggests… (that)

14.  A doctor to Peter: “If you want to live longer you should stop smoking” 

A doctor suggests …(stop, do not use should)

15.  My mother: “You really cannot skip any more classes.”

My mother suggests … (should)

Konstrukcje z czasownikiem suggest