Konstrukcje - test sprawdzający

1. I think that I … to climb the highest mountain in the world.

a)      can

b)      could

c)      am able


2. My brother … spend the whole night out last week but I had to stay at home.

a)      is allowed

b)      was allowed

c)      could


3. According to the schedule, the train … leave at 7 p.m.

a)      is due to

b)      is about to

c)      is to


4. Hurry up! You have only five minutes. The film … start.

a)      will

b)      is about to



5. David suggests Mary … thinking about all the bad things that happened to her.

a)      stops

b)      stop

c)      to stop


6. I’m rather sure that you … pass your exams unless you start learning.

a)      are likely to

b)      likely to

c)      aren’t likely


7. Peter organizes the whole party … his girlfriend wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

a)      to

b)      in order to

c)      so that


8. A few years ago when my boss told me to do something, I was so afraid of him that I … move.

a)      could

b)      wasn’t able to

c)      couldn’t to


9. When I went to Brazil for the first time I couldn’t … its climate, especially humidity.

a)      get used to

b)      be used to

c)      get use to


10. You know what people say; the… you are, the … friends you have.

a)      richest, most

b)      richer, most

c)      richer, more


11. Oh no! Look! The man … jump out of that window. Call the police.

a)      will

b)      is going to

c)      is to


12. The president of the USA … visit Poland next week.


b)      is to

c)      will


13. My friend has got five sisters, so he … watching romantic comedies instead of action films.

a)      was used to

b)      used to

c)      is used to


14. When my father was a twenty-year-old boy, he … go to a disco every Saturday night.

a)      used to

b)      was used to

c)      got used to


15. My mum would prefer her husband … in the garden rather than … in front of TV all day long.

a)      to work, to sit

b)      to work, sit

c)      work, sit


16… I hadn’t spend so much time having fun instead of learning. The exams weren’t so difficult.

a)      I wish

b)      I’d rather

c)      I’d sooner


17. If you don’t leave now, you will miss your train. It’s high time you…

a)      to leave

b)      left

c)      leaving


18. If only I … a bit more food. I’m so hungry now.

a)      took

b)      take

c)      didn’t take


19. My mother first labor wasn’t … difficult … the second one.

a)      as, as

b)      as, than

c)      than, as


20. The roof is leaking. I must …

a)      repair it

b)      have it repaired

c)      have repaired it


21. My sister is making so much noise. I … listening to her any longer.

a)      can stand

b)      can’t stand

c)      can’t help


22. My Matura exam is  next week. I … start learning.

a)      ‘d rather

b)      ‘d better

c)      ‘d prefer


23. We cannot use calculators during our Maths tests. You … it.

a)      didn’t need to bring

b)      didn’t have to

c)      needn’t have brought


24. I have watched the film and I … think it would be a huge success.

a)      ought to

b)      should

c)      would


25. Whenever I see you I think you are much … any other girl in the world.

a)      prettier as

b)      more pretty than

c)      prettier than


26. Every evening when my father is already in his pyjamas, he … having a cup of hot chocolate.

a)      is

b)      can’t stand

c)      can’t help


27. Children under 16 … see this film. It contains violent scenes.

a)      don’t have to

b)      must

c)      mustn’t


28. The grass is so big in our garden. It definitely … cutting

a)      needs

b)      needs to

c)      should


29. The visitors needn’t … for anything. Everything is included in the price of the trip.

a)      to pay

b)      pay

c)      paid


30. We cannot help you in this matter, you really … deal with it yourself.

a)      have to

b)      mustn’t

c)      had to



Konstrukcje - test sprawdzający