Test 2 konstrukcje - odpowiedzi

  1. I think you should take an umbrella in order not to get wet.
  2. I wish I hadn’t told her all these unpleasant words.
  3. You needn’t have prepared these documents.
  4. The government oughtn’t to disregard the problems of the poorest group of the society.
  5. My daughter doesn’t need to (needn’t) do nay washing or ironing in our house because I hire a cleaning lady.
  6. I love eating chocolate so much that I can’t help eating at least one bar a day.
  7. I think that the more beautiful girls are, the more invitations to parties they get.
  8. Students mustn’t (must not) consult their friends during Matura exam.
  9. The mayor is to visit the disabled center opened last month.
  10. My son isn’t likely to pass his exams because he hasn’t prepared for the exams as well  as he should have.
  11. When I was younger I used to go to pubs every day.
  12. My car broke down yesterday but I think I will have it repaired as fast as possible.
  13. I’d prefer to work for an international company rather than work for a local one.
  14. Suppose I wasn’t admitted to the university I wanted, would I suffer from a breakdown?
  15. Take an umbrella because it’s going to rain in the afternoon.
  16. You’d better leave now, or you’ll be late for the last bus.
  17. You needn’t have reacted so strongly (overreacted).
  18. My father bought my mum a car so that she wouldn’t have to use the public transport.
  19. We are allowed not to wear uniforms on the 13th of every month.
  20. When I attended secondary talking to any girl wasn’t a problem for me, but I wasn’t able to talk to Diana.  
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