Zdania z it - ćwiczenia

Exercise 1: Choose the correct answer a-c:

1. …was a policeman who I asked for the way.
a)      it
b)      there
c)      he


2.… the book I gave you?
a)      it is
b)      is it
c)      there is


3… impossible to do this exercise. It’s too difficult.
a)      it is
b)      it isn’t
c)      is it


4… strange that she had come so late.
a)      it is
b)      it isn’t
c)      it was


5… during my first visit to London that I visited the Tower Bridge.
a)      it was
b)      it is
c)      there was


6. He gave me a wonderful present. … very nice of him to do so.
a)      it was
b)      there was
c)      he is


7… impossible to park your car in the city centre at midday.
a)      it isn’t
b)      it wasn’t
c)      it is


8. There is a very interesting museum in our city but … very expensive to go there.
a)      it was
b)      there is
c)      it is


9… too cold to go for a walk yesterday
a)      it is
b)      it was
c)      there was


10… explaining him the rules. He won’t understand them.
a)      it’s no use
b)      it’s a pity
c)      it’s fun


Exercise 2: Complete the sentences with the correct form of it+be.

  1. There is a cinema in our city but … closed now.
  2. Yesterday it was snowing heavily and now … impossible to cross the bridge.
  3. … your fault or his? Who should I blade?
  4. I saw you reading the book yesterday. … interesting to discover the history of Rome?
  5. … necessary to have visa if you want to go to France.
  6. Sometimes … better to keep your mouth shut than to say too much.
  7. … very cold yesterday and … possible to go out.
  8. … be very rude if I leave now?
  9. …Jack who entered the room a minute ago?
  10. ~ „The test was so difficult for me”
  11. ~ „… be so difficult if you studied more.”


Exercise 3:Complete the sentences with the correct form of there+be or it+be.

  1. … very wise to drive so fast when … glazed frost on the road.
  2. … nothing special to have chicken for dinner. … so tasty that I could eat it every day.
  3. You should go for a walk. … a very nice park near here and … such a beautiful weather today.
  4. … a very beautiful house. … five bedrooms and two bathrooms, and … a very nice living room downstairs.
  5. ~ “…pity you haven’t any more bread.”
  6. ~ “You can go and buy some, … a small shop round the corner. … already open.
Zdania z it