Zdania z dwoma dopełnieniami - ćwiczenia

Exercise 1: Choose the correct answer a-c.

1.          ~Did you buy anything to your Mum?

~Yes, I bought some flowers…

a)      for her

b)      her

c)      my Mum


2.          ~What are you doing?

~I’m writing letter…

a)      John

b)      to John

c)      him


3.          Are you going to sell … this house?

a)      his

b)      him

c)      to him


4.          ~Do you like this dress?

~Oh, yes! I got ……. .

a)      it from my husband

b)      it from he

c)      her from him


5.          I’m so happy; my sister…

a)      gave me a brand new luxury car

b)      gave a brand new luxury car to me

c)      gave to me a brand new luxury car


6.          Tomorrow’s my birthday and my mum has promised …

a)      a new mobile phone me

b)      me a new mobile phone

c)      to me a new mobile phone


7.          The pizza boy brought two pizzas …

a)      him

b)      for Mike

c)       to his


8.          Jack lent his friend …

a)      it

b)      his bicycle

c)      its


9.          ~What did you learn from your parents?

~I learnt a lot of love from..

a)      them

b)      their

c)      they


10.      My Maths teacher taught …

a)      very interesting things to me

b)      very interesting things me

c)      to me very interesting things


Exercise 2: Complete the sentences using the words from the brackets (the order of the words in brackets is accidental). Sometimes you must change the form of the words.

1.      I bought …… to …..because she graduated her school with honors. (my daughter, new computer)

2.      Did your boss promised … to…, or to… ?(Jack, promotion, you)

3.      Give … the … from John. I want to read it. (letter, I)

4.      Why are you looking at me like that. I haven’t given any … to …. (she, sweets)

5.      Have you seen my dictionary? I’m sure I haven’t lent … to … (it, John)


Exercise 3: Transform the following sentences. DO NOT CHANGE THE GIVEN BEGINNINGS. 

1.      My sister got this beautiful dress from her fiancé.

My sister’s fiancé ….

2.      My father gave me a completely new computer.


3.      My father promised my mother a new house.

My father promised a ….

4.      An English teacher gave us an unexpected test.

We got…

5.      Mark shown his wonderful model railway to Peter.

Mark shown Peter…

6.      Peter gave a bunch of red roses to Mary.

Mary …

7.      ~What a beautiful dress.

~Thanks, I got it from my father.

My father …

8.      It’s very nice of you that you brought such a big present for me.

I’m so happy that you gave…

9.      I’m looking at the picture that Jim gave me.

I’m looking at the picture I …

10.  Could you pass me the sugar?

The sugar is to far from me, please pass …



Zdania z dwoma dopełnieniami