Zdania rozkazujące - ćwiczenia

Exercises1: Choose the correct answer a-c

1. Peter should Open the door. Let … open the door.
a)      Peter
b)      he
c)      he’s


2. The teacher wants Jane to clear the blackboard.
Teacher: „Jane, …the blackboard.”
a)      you clear
b)      clear
c)      is clearing


3. Don’t ... this wall. It has just been painted.
a)      to touch
b)      touch
c)      touching


4. You want someone to open the window. You say:…
a)      Open the window, please.
b)      Opening the window, please.
c)      You open the window, please.


5. It’s my turn to wash the dishes. … wash the dishes.
a)      Let me
b)      Let I
c)      I’m


6. You can’t come now. Your sister has to wait. You say; „ … five minutes.”
a)      Let she wait
b)      Let she is waiting
c)      Let her wait


7. A child is approaching the fire. You shout: „ … , it’ dangerous”
a)      Touch the fire
b)      Don’t touch the fire
c)      Don’t touching


8. You want your brother, Tom, to give you your money back. You say: „Let… give me my money back.”
a)      he
b)      his
c)      him


9. … to the cinema. We have nothing else to do.
a)      Let’s go
b)      Let go
c)      Let we go


10. Someone is talking too loud. You say: …so loudly.
a)      Talk
b)      Don’t talking
c)      Don’t talk


Exercise 2: Put the correct forms of the words in the brackets.

  1. … to her room. (she, go)
  2. … with the matches. It’s dangerous. (not, play)
  3. … five more minutes. (they, wait).
  4. … some videos from the Video Shop next door. (we, rent)\
  5. … her to marry him. (Tom, ask)
  6. … at me like that. I feel horrible. (not look)
  7. … games all day long. (not play)
  8. … all this mess. It’s her turn. (Kate, clean)
  9. … her diary. It’s private. (not, read)
  10. … the dishes. It’s Tuesday and I always do it on Tuesdays. (I, wash)
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