Zaimek - ćwiczenia

Exercise 1

Wybierz włąściwą odpwowiedź:


1.      … has the right to hurt you. Remember that!

a.     Everybody

b.     Nobody

c.     Anybody


2.      I’ll give you … money

a.     None

b.     No

c.     Each of


3.      Everybody looked at … and didn’t know what to say

a.     One another

b.     Each other

c.     Everybody


4.      Sorry I can’t help you now. I have … time.

a.     None of

b.     None

c.     No


5.      -… usually makes her laugh? – Chaplin’s comedies.

a.     What

b.     Why

c.     Where


6.      … took my bag.

a.     Somebody

b.     Nobody

c.     Everybody


7.      I’ve done all the exercises …

a.     My

b.     Mine

c.     Myself


8.      … can you lie to Amy? She’s you best friend?

a.     What

b.     How

c.     When


Exercise 2

Zamień podkreślone wyrażenia na zaimek podmiotowy, dopełnieniowy, przymiotnik dzierżawczy:


1.      My parents has gone on holidays. ___ has gone on holidays.

2.      Why don’t you like Ann? Why don’t you like ___?

3.      My sister and I share the room. ___ share the room.

4.      Tom’s and my motorbike is in the garage. ___ motorbike is in the garage.

5.      Buy some sweets for me and Tom. Buy some sweets for ___

6.      I have to wash my dog’s blanket. I have to wash ___ blanket.

7.      I can’t borrow my sister’s clothes. I can’t borrow ___ clothes.

8.      Jane has forgotten her homework today. ___ has forgotten her homework today.

9.      Lori took out some sugar and flour and then made a delicious cake. Lori took out ___ and then made ___


Exercise 3

Wybierz właściwy zaimek:


1.      Look at their/ theirs car. It’s so clean and our/ ours?

2.      -  They’ve stolen my/mine mobile. - Gosh! My/mine, too!

3.      All my/mine clothes are completely out of fashion and her/hers? They’re absolutely terrific.

4.      - Tom, where’s your/ yours jacket?

5.      I know where’s mine/my but where’s your/ yours?


Exercise 4

Wstaw odpowiedni zaimek dzierżawczy:


1.      They sold me a car … broke after a few days.

2.      I won’t become involved with somebody … I can’t trust.

3.      The computer … you are using now is not mine

4.      The shop … I bought it is on High Street.

5.      The people … house we’ve bought forgot to take the suitcase.

6.      This is the girl … works as a juggler.

7.      I think the T-shirt … she is wearing is terrific.

8.      The area … she live is very dangerous.

9.      This is the woman … bag was stolen.

10.  I don’t like people … don’t have  a sense of humour.


Exercise 5

Wybierz właściwy zaimek wskazujący:


1.      I believe this/these rule should be banned.

2.      Why do this/these shoes are so dirty?

3.      (conversation at home) - Where has Mark gone?

                                       -  To this/that new club in town.

4.      You’ve eaten all that/those cake!

5.      (conversation at home) (pointing at the people in the garden) Mum, who are these/those people?


Exercise 6

Zamień podkreślone fragment zdań na właściwy zaimek wskazujący:


1.      (conversation in the living room)- Where are my notes? The notes you are looking for are in the hall.

2.      - Oh, you’ve got three cars! - Yes, but I’m going to sell the green one.

3.      - Oh, no! I forgot my glasses. - Here, take my glasses.

4.      (reading a magazine) The magazine I borrowed from the library is very interesting.

5.      Who is the boy in the green cap?


Exercise 7

Wstaw odpowiedni zaimek względny:


1.      … do you love? Peter or Sam?

2.      … would you like: coke or water?

3.      … are you going to Sweden? On 3rd or 4th?

4.      … is my book? It was on the table.

5.      … was born on 6th April? Tom or Elisa?

6.      … is your opinion about euthanasia?

7.      … are you speaking so loudly? I can hear you.

8.      - … far is it to the museum? – Just about two kilometers.

9.      - … have you seen her recently? - About a week ago.

10.  - … was he doing when you came? – Watching TV.