Question tags - ćwiczenia

Exercise 1: Complete the following sentences with the appropriate question tags. 

  1. You can’t understand me, ______?
  2. I haven’t seen my sister for ages, ______?
  3. She never drinks milk, _________?
  4. Don’t forget about your homework, _________?
  5. I am your real best friend, ____________?
  6. Let’s go to the cinema, _________?
  7. Be careful! Don’t break this plate, __________?
  8. I’m not the most beautiful girl in the world, ___________?
  9. You’ve taken my mobile phone, ____________?
  10. My daughter hates eating broccoli, ___________?


Exercise 2: Choose the correct answer a-c.

1. She used to bite her fingernails, ______?

a)      used she

b)      wouldn’t she

c)      didn’t she


2. You’d go there for me,_____?

a)      wouldn’t you

b)      hadn’t you

c)      didn’t you


3. I am so happy,_____?

a)      amn’t I

b)      am not I

c)      aren’t I


4. Nothing can change my life,___?

a)      can they

b)      can it

c)      can this.


5. He won’t be angry with me if I take his car, _____?

a)      won’t he

b)      he won’t

c)      will he


6. The students weren’t listening to the teacher, _______?

a)      are they

b)      were they

c)      will they


7. Don’t open that door, _____?

a)      do you

b)      will you

c)      shall you


8. I shouldn’t have told her so many unpleasant things, _____?

a)      have I

b)      haven’t I

c)      should I


9. Nothing will change your mind, ______?

a)      will it

b)      won’t it

c)      shall it


10. The burglar had broken into before she came, _____?

a)      didn’t he

b)      had he

c)      hadn’t he

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