Pytania bezpośrednie i pośrednie - ćwiczenia

Exercise 1: Choose the correct answer a-c.


1. What … doing out last night?

a)      you were

b)      are you

c)      were you


2. Could you tell me when … some more information.

a)      can you send me

b)      you can send me

c)      can’t you send me


3. I’ve no idea how old …
a)      her son is
b)      is her son
c)      her son has


4. I can only guess why … like that
a)      did she behave
b)      she did behave
c)      she behaved


5. Who … yesterday’s match. It was great, wasn’t it?
a)      did watch
b)      watched
c)      watch


6. I’m wondering …, I don’t want to be late for the meeting.
a)      what is the time
b)      what time is it
c)      what time it is


7. When … her?
a)      did you last see
b)      you last saw
c)      last you saw


8. My mum went shopping, and I want to know … anything for me
a)      is she going to buy
b)      if is she going to buy
c)      if she is going to buy


9. What … this afternoon. We could go to the cinema to see the latest Brad Pitt movie?
a)      you are doing
b)      you do
c)      are you doing


10. Where … this wonderful dress, it must have been designed by one of the famous designers. … pay?
a)      did you buy, how much did you
b)      you bought, how much did you
c)      did you buy, how much you


Exercise 2: Complete the following questions using the information from the brackets. Add any necessary words. Be careful with tenses!!!

  1. I’d like to know where …for his holiday. He’s so tanned. (he, go)
  2. How much … for you car? It looks expensive. (you, pay)
  3. I’m wondering … brave enough to ask her out. (he, be)
  4. Do you know … . I would like to deliver him this parcel. (his address, be)
  5. What ….? . You are completely wet and dirty. (you, do)
  6. … very hard before your exams? … difficult? (you, practice; they be)
  7. where … so far? (you, work)
  8. Excuse me, could you tell me, how… to the nearest bank. (I, get)
  9. I’m not sure … my Matura exam. The results are tomorrow. (I, pass)
  10. What …when you were about 5 years old? (your favourite dish, be) 


Exercise 3: Transform the following questions. Do not change given beginnings.

1.What would you like to be in the future?
I’m wondering ….


2. Where did you spend your last holiday?
Can you tell me, …


3. Have you bought everything I need?
I really want to know…


4. What is she going to do next summer?
I’ve no idea ….


5. What time did you last see him.
I want you to tell me…


6. What have you been doing?
I’m curious…


7. Have you ever been to England?
I’m wondering …


8. Are your children nervous about your Matura exam?
Don’t even ask me…


9. What time did Peter come home last night.
I don’t know …


10. Are you happy with your life?
You can tell me…


Pytania bezpośrednie i pośrednie