Konstrukcja there is i there are - ćwiczenia

Exercise 1: Choose the correct answer a – c.

1. …my Mum waiting for me when I left the station.

a) There is

b) There was

c) There were


2. I’m sorry, but … enough time to go to the restaurant tonight.

a) there is

b) there wasn’t

c) there isn’t


3. … any Coke in the fridge when  arrived from school.

a) There was

b) There wasn’t

c) There weren’t


4. … too much noise if you play the music so loud.

a) There will be

b) There won’t be

c) There was


5. How many bottles of wine … in the cellar?

a) was there

b) there were

c) were there

6. She would have bought the dress if … a nicer shop assistant.

a) there had been

b) there was

c) there wasn’t


7. … any parents’ meetings at school since October.

a) there weren’t

b) there hasn’t been

c) there haven’t been


8. How much money … in the bank yesterday?

a) were there

b) was there

c) is there

9. If you leave early, …such big traffic.

a) there wasn’t

b) there wouldn’t be

c) there won’t be


10. … any cinemas in Krakow?

a) Are there

b) Is there

c) There are

Exercise 2: Put the correct form of there is


1.I’m looking for a dictionary. … one on the shelf.

2.… many native speakers in your college?

3.… any plates on the table?

4.… anyone waiting for me yesterday.

5.Look! … three coins on the table a second ago and now … only one.

6.… about 70 guests at last year’s wedding reception.

7.How many girls … in your class when you were at primary school.

8.… any bread left? I’m hungry.

9.Did you enjoy your studies? Oh yes, … very many interesting courses.

10.              … 100 people coming to our party tomorrow.

Konstrukcja there is i there are