I'd rather - ćwiczenia


Exercise 1: Choose the correct answer a-c.

1.      I’d rather they … so much time in front of TV.

a)      spend

b)      didn’t spent

c)      didn’t spend


2.      I’d rather … to the cinema … at home at watch TV.

a)      to go, to stay

b)      to go, that stay

c)      go, than stay


3.      My mother would rather you … come so late every night.

a)      didn’t

b)      not



4.      My parents would rather … in the countryside … in the city.

a)      live, than

b)      to live, than

c)      live, -


5.      I’d rather my daughter … medicine for last five years. I don’t believe she will be a good doctor.

a)      didn’t study

b)      not study

c)      hadn’t studied


6.      My father would rather … some match … and cut the grass.

a)      watch, or go out

b)      to watch , than to go out

c)      watch, than go out


7.      My Mum would rather … up long. She’s not a kind of an owl.

a)      not stay

b)      stay

c)      not to stay

I'd rather