Części mowy - test sprawdzający

Exercise 1

Wybierz właściwą odpowiedź:

1.      I’ve never seen the palace …, only on the outside.

a.     Inside

b.     Beside

c.     in front of


2.      Did you remember … me a postcard?

a.     Sending

b.     to send

c.     send


3.      I live … Browns. My apartment is on the first floor and theirs on the second.

a.     Behind

b.     Beyond

c.     Under


4.      For breakfast I usually have … sandwich and  … tea.

a.     A, a  jar of

b.     An, a glass of

c.     A, a glass of


5.      Give this letter … your sister.


b.     To

c.     by


6.      When the teacher pointed out his mistakes he felt …

a.     Stupidly

b.     Stupidily

c.     Stupid


7.      Why are you always forgetting … the radio?

a.     Switch off

b.     Switching off

c.     To switch off


8.      The ball rolled … the bed

a.     from under

b.     from below

c.     in front of


9.        shorts are very fashionable.

a.     This

b.     These

c.     That

d.     It


10.  I like this song very much. … is wonderful.

a.     It

b.     She

c.     These

d.     Those


11.  Today the hairdresser’s is open … 11 a.m. … 7 p.m.

a.     Till…from

b.     From…till

c.     Until…from


12.  If we’re hungry, we usually have … cereals.

a.     bowl of

b.     mug of

c.     a mug of

d.     a bowl of


13.  Winston arrived … the airport 10 minutes late.

a.     At

b.     In

c.     By


14.  I feel terrible. My … hurts.

a.     teeth

b.     tooth

c.     feet


15.  You … enter the school before 7 o’clock. It’s close.

a.     shouldn’t

b.     should

c.     can’t


16.  When did he arrive … Poland?

a.     At

b.     To

c.     In


17.  I need to buy … parsley and onions. Let’s go to the greengrocer’s.

a.     Some

b.     Any

c.     an


18.  Don’t forget the supermarket is open today only … 5 hours.

a.     Since

b.     For

c.     While


19.  Why don’t you want to go to … school.


b.     A

c.     The


20.  Tim and Lucy kissed … and forgot about the quarrel.

a.     One another

b.     Each other

c.     Themselves


21.  This is my parents… friend.

a.     ‘s



22.  My son loves climbing … the trees.

a.     Up

b.     Along

c.     above


23.  She rode her bike … country every day.

a.     Along

b.     Above

c.     Across


24.  Only … children come to the party. Maybe five or six.

a.     A few

b.     Few

c.     A little


25.  I live only 250 metres … the beach.

a.     In front of

b.     In the front of

c.     From


26.  Ask her, not me, for …

a.     Informations

b.     Informationes

c.     Information


27.  This dictionary is not …, it’s … sister.

a.     Mine, my

b.     My, mine

c.     My,my


28.  There’s a park … 100 metres of your hotel.

a.     Within

b.     While

c.     Whereas


29.  … the end Laura was so exhausted that everything she dreamt of was a good night’s rest.

a.     Near

b.     At the

c.     At


30.  Yesterday I saw a really … table.

a.     Square, beautiful, red, coffee

b.     Beautiful, square, red, coffee

c.     Beautiful, square, coffee, red


31.  There … some shops in the village.

a.     are

b.     aren’t

c.     isn’t


32.  It’s … me why she wants to go so far away to Australia.

a.     Below

b.     Beyond 

c.     Behind


33.  How … shops are there?

a.     many

b.     much

c.     number


34.  She … lunch at home.

a.     sometimes eats

b.     sometimes eat

c.     eat sometimes


35.  … do you work? In an office or in  a bank?

a.     Where

b.     What

c.     When


36.  The fact that you are a policeman’s son doesn’t mean you are … suspicion.

a.     Along

b.     Among

c.     Above


37.  She doesn't have ... money.

a.     many

b.     much

c.     some


38.  What a wonderful day … .

a.     Inside

b.     Behind

c.     outside.


Exercise 2

Zamień podkreślone fragment zdań na właściwy zaimek:

1.      My father works in a  factory. ___ works in a  factory.

2.      I saw Susan’s boyfriend kissing another girl! I saw___ kissing another girl!

3.      At the moment I’m living at my grandparents’ house. At the moment I’m living at ___ house

4.      Ken’s key has disappeared. ___ key has disappeared.

5.      Give this book to your sister. Give this book to ___

6.      This cat doesn’t like milk! ___ doesn’t like milk!

7.      None of the students went on the lecture. None of ___ went on the lecture.


Exercise 3

Połącz dwa zdania w jedno używając właściwego spójnika. Jeden został podany dodatkowo:

Both … and, on condition that, neither… nor, while, even though, so


1.      Tim had toothache. He went to the dentist’s

2.      Kerry doesn’t like spinach. Lucy doesn’t like spinach.

3.      You can use my computer. You can’t break it.

4.      Painting is my passion. Photography is my passion

5.      He was extremely tired. He cleaned up the whole room.


Exercise 4

Z czterech podanych poniżej opcji dwie są poprawne poprawne. Wybierz które:

1.      She continued … poetry for many years.

a.      Writing

b.      Write

c.      To write

d.      Writed


2.      This village is situated 105 metres …  the sea level.

a.      Over

b.      Above

c.      Under

d.      Below


3.      I did … exercises so I should pass the exam.

a.      A lot of

b.      Many

c.      Much

d.      Few


4.      When I was walking … the street, I tripped and fell down.

a.      Down

b.      Through

c.      Along

d.      Over


5.      Hello, Peter. You’ve come just … time to have dinner with us. 

a.      On

b.      At

c.      By

d.      In


6.      She put the book on the night table … the bed.

a.      At

b.      Beside

c.      Under

d.      Where


7.      Can you … how the new computer programme works?

a.      explain her

b.      explain to her

c.      show her

d.      show to her


8.      - Where’s Kim? – … the pub.

a.      On

b.      Among

c.      In

d.      Down


9.      When the other boy kicked him, Connor started …

a.      Cry

b.      Crying

c.      To cry

d.      To crying


10.  Mmm! Dinner smells …

a.      Deliciously

b.      Delicious

c.      Nicely

d.      Nice


Exercise 5

Uzupełnij tabelę:



Exercise 6

Postopniuj następujce przymiotniki:

1.      Scary

2.      romantic

3.      Thin

4.      Good

5.      Expensive

6.      Popular

7.      Big

8.      Slow

9.      Bad

10.  Attractive


Exercise 7

Porównaj następujące osoby/przedmioty według przykładu używając przymiotnika z nawiasu:

Stallone/Schwarzeneger (tall) – Schwarzeneger is taller than Stallone. Lub Stallone is taller than Schwarzeneger

1.      Doda/Cichopek (beautiful)

2.      Shrek I/ Shrek II (funny)

3.      ‘’The millionaires”/”The Fortune” (interesting)

4.      Greece/Italy (expensive)


Exercise 8

Uzupełnij zdanie czasownikiem z nawiasu  używając konstrukcji gerundialnej bądź bezokolicznikowe:

1.      I forgot … notes but don’t worry I remember most of the figures. (bring)

2.      I like … a lot. (dance)

3.      I can’t stand … in my flat. (smoke)

4.      I suggest you … to him. (talk)

5.      Sarah hates … to the theatre. (go)

6.      Lucy finished … the 1st part of composition and decided … a break. (write, have)

7.      She doesn’t mind … for people. (wait)

8.      I expect you … me next month. (visit)

9.      I stopped … fast food because the doctor said it’s very bad for me. (eat)

10.  Though she was very tired she stopped … a neighbour. (help)


Exercise 9

uzupełnij zdania uzywajac what a/an, how, so, such a/an, such:

1.      … attractive woman shouldn’t have problems to find a husband.

2.      He’s … shy! He doesn’t even says ‘hello’.

3.      He gave all his pocket money to the homeless. … generous!

4.      … nice suit! Where did you buy it?

5.      … books are very expensive.



Części mowy - test sprawdzający