be able to do - ćwiczenia

Exercise 1:

1. Choose the correct answer a-c.

a)      could

b)      can

c)      are able


2. The hill is to steep. We won’t … climb it.

a)      can

b)      be able to

c)      be able


3. I think you needn’t have prepared so much food. The guests … eat all of it.

a)      can’t

b)      are able to

c)      can

4. Do you think he … have finished the project before the deadline.

a)      can

b)      will be able to

c)      will can


5. I’m sure that my sister … learn five languages in a year.

a)      isn’t able

b)      can’t

c)      couldn’t


6. … to win the next match with Serena Williams?

a)      Could she

b)      Can she

c)      Is she able


7. It’s not your paper. You haven’t … write it by yourself.

a)      been able to

b)      be able to

c)      could

be able to do